Collab Day 2

On the second day of Nexus Maximus, our team began our intermediate research for the topics we narrowed down to the day before. We mostly focused on the issue of smuggling, as well as, the issue of identification and tracking of refugees. We dug deeper into the issue of smuggling and what causes refugees to resort to illegal migration. Taking a look at the causes allowed us to define where the source of smuggling comes from and where to intervene. Countries closing off their borders and adding restrictions on immigration policies, result in desperate refugees trying to seek asylum. When getting to safety legally become a difficult and dangerous journey, smuggler become the best option for some refugees. We also researched the effects of smugglings and the issues arising from those effects. Officials are putting stricter rules and regulations to detect fake passports and catch smugglers. Refugees are also putting themselves in danger and are vulnerable to being exploited and harmed. Intervening at the beginning of the problem can hopefully prevent follow-up issues from occurring. We were able to diagram our research to get a better view of the bigger issue. Possible solutions were discussed to provide a safer way of travel for those fleeing to refuge. Tomorrow more details will be added to the solutions, as well as, preparation for the final proposal and presentation.