Team Ductus 10, Day 1 Summary

Team Ductus 10 began by brainstorming about the topic and discussing how we could make an impact. We started off with team building exercises where we learned one another’s strengths and weaknesses. We found out that some of us have different learning styles and we can use our strengths and expertise from our three different majors to come up with unique ideas.

After the team building meeting, we each went to different workshops. One of us went to the Human-Centered Design lecture and learned how products can impact human behavior and health. Another went to the Integral Sustainable Approaches to the Challenges of Displaced Populations lecture and learned about triple bottom line sustainability. We were told that it could be helpful to imagine ourselves as a refugee or displaced person and determine what our needs would be.

Later, we met up again to discuss what we had learned. We talked about the current weather patterns we are experiencing and thought about what would be helpful for them. We started sharing our own personal stories and experiences, like how one of us lives in an area with nuclear power plants where the health department distributes potassium iodide tablets in case of emergency. This got us thinking about what we could distribute to people in all regions of the United States before natural disasters occur. We ended by developing the idea for a natural disaster preparedness/ survival kit that we could distribute to people that would include useful products for them.