Orior Groups 1 and 10: Day 1

Our group, the merged groups of Orior 1 and Orior 10, are fortunate to draw from unique global perspectives on the hardships of refugees.  We hope that our combined experiences will lend themselves to an immersive experience throughout the weekend.  We discovered at the teambuilding workshop that several of us are multimodal learners, and many of our strengths and weaknesses balance out.  Multiple members expressed that the lectures on the Internet and Mobile Connectivity and Refugee health were some of the more interesting workshops.  Seeing videos from multiple perspectives and refugees telling their stories firsthand were both emotionally powerful and inspirational.

We settled on designing an app tailored specifically for refugees attempting to successfully relocate into a new country.  Our specific focus has not been determined yet, but we are between a few ideas.  One is to help guide through the official process of gaining refugee status: what documents need to be completed, potentially view the status of their application, etc.  another route would be to create a community forum for refugees to find those in similar situations to their own.  They may also be able to find more information on where to buy food, house goods, and who to see for various services to help settle successfully.  A third option would be to focus on introducing social norms—how greet someone, ask a person on a date—things that can vary greatly from culture to culture.  Knowing what is and is not acceptable in certain countries is crucial to successful relocation.  Regardless of which focus we choose, the goal is to create an app that helps ease an incredibly difficult transition for refugees.