Novo 1: Sabado Gigante

Novo 1 emerged from their sleeping pods ready to face another day of innovation. One of their members had mysteriously disappeared since their last meeting, so they had to be careful lest one of them suffer the same fate. Still, they were optimistic, buoyed by a supply of dumplings and hummus bestowed upon them by the benevolent gods.

The afternoon began with Brian and Mike researching names for their brilliant product, and Valentina creating works of art the likes of which had not been seen since the Italian Renaissance. Progress was slow at times, but the team pushed on. Soon, the team had not only a name and logo for their product and organization, but icons to display on their proposed ecosystem of products (both physical and digital) for communicating non-verbally with speakers of other languages.

After hours of toil, the team needed to recharge. Luckily, a team-building workshop had been scheduled on the main floor of Kanbar, requiring only a student ID as tribute to acquire the equipment needed to play. Indeed, a mid-afternoon volley of ping-pong was just what the doctor ordered.

Rejuvenated, the team returned to DEC to face judgment. Presenters presented, advisors advised, and the group emerged with a clearer mission than ever before. After the meeting, the heroes of Novo 1 worked furiously to refine the graphics and layout of their T-shirt design, and began to clarify their objectives and poster/presentation ideas. As the Sun sank into the Western sky of East Falls, the team could rest easy knowing that Day 3 would be another productive session.