Ductus 4: Friday

Group formed early in the day and immediately began brainstorming relevant topics.  Due to recent events, we were intrigued by the possibility of exploring natural disasters, with more specifically coming to the conclusion to focus on the very recent earthquake that happened in Mexico.  Upon collaboration with the team we were able to focus our efforts on the exploration of methods to be used to lessen the toll of injuries for this specific natural disaster.  We began our exploration by creating a journey map overviewing the timeline of events occurring from the start of the earthquake to several years after conclusion of the event.  Highlighting major events both actual and hypothetical occurring within the timeline, with possible consequences and reinforcements of different major actions.  By making the journey map we were able to come across several key situations, i.e. the immediate need for individuals to be moved to a safe area, as well as the need for restoration efforts immediately after the event, as well as in the several months following the event.  Within this we were then able to create possible areas of change and improvement in regards to response efforts.  Elements discussed included the need for emergency responders to be readily available to handle emergencies as soon as they arise as well as for a system to provide continuing financial aid and restorative efforts.journey map- people affected journey map- volunteer help