Ductus 2: Friday

Today, we started to talk about the areas of interest we had as a group regarding the topic of refugees. We started to focus in on how people would become displaced, which would either be from human vs human conflict, or human vs environmental conflict. As our discussion continued, we started to focus on human displacement with regards to environmental conflict. What we collectively found to be interesting, was the emphasis on the need for drinking water in a disaster, or refugee event. From this, the concept of being able to generate clean and potable water became apparent, and was something we as a group focused on. After some initial research and conversation, we decided that a way to collect water and prevent the need to buy water from others (grocery store or another source) was something that could be addressed. This is because the average person needs about 2-5 liters of water per day in a disaster situation (according to the UN and World Health Organization). As we had discussions with our advisors, we have decided to make a shift and keep a similar focus of collecting potable water, but frame it within the setting of refugee camps overseas that are caused by human vs human conflicts, rather than human vs environmental conflicts. As we continue to research and ideate into Saturday, we will be able to focus in on an actionable insight that we can apply our concept to, and hopefully bring about a positive change to the refugees living in the conditions that they currently are in.