Team Novo 4 Day 1

Aspiring to be on the “cutting edge of technology”, Novo 4 came into Nexus Maximus ready to take on the task of assisting refugees. We started the day by meeting each other and going through introductions, then we participated in a team building exercise that involved us working together to stack 10 cups in a pyramid formation and to create free-standing tee for either a golf-ball or softball as high as possible. Our team succeeded in both activities but learned that communication within the team and time management are important factors that need to be considered when working on a project together. Then we spent a lot of the remainder of the day going to workshops that were run by the professors. Some of the topics that were covered in the workshops included sustainability, economics of refugees, migration of refugees, connecting refugees using the internet, genetics, human center design, and refugee health. After going to the workshops, we came back together and started to brainstorm ideas of refugee problems that we wanted to try and solve. Our first idea that we came up with, and the one that we decided to run with, was assisting refugees in getting hired by creating a website that would link employers that are willing to hire refugees with refugees that are seeking a job. This is a crucial problem that needs to be addressed because one of the goals of refugees is to live independently in a country and to be able to provide for their families. We came up with a general idea for the website and options that we wanted to include. When meeting with our adviser about our concept, he raised some concerns about language barriers that will exist when employers are trying to hire refugees and suggested that we present this hurdle when we present our final idea on Monday. Overall, it was a successful first day and we have a general idea of what we want to accomplish for the final project.