Orior 9 Friday end of day Team Blog

Hello friends,

This is a recap of our fab team and what we did today.

Today we met for the first time and broke off into the sessions. We all attended Team Building: Assets Inventory and found out we have different learning styles. We also saw that we complement each others’ strengths and weaknesses.

Catalina’s strengths are definitely using social media

Before we broke out into lectures we decided to put all of our notes on one google doc so we can all have access to it.

One of our members went to How Internet and Mobile Connectivity can Improve Refugee Well-Being and Transform Humanitarian Action and the important points were that we lack communication in refugee camps due to natural disaster. Our members notes stress the need to come up with innovation for communication after natural disaster.

Another team member went to From an Economics Perspective: Why Don’t They Fly and the important things to highlight were that the problem with refugees trying to migrate to get a visa was that they needed paperwork to get there, so essentially they had to illegally get to a country to get status as a refugee. Another problem is of those refugees who leave and we accept, we are actually taking out the top minds and innovators of the country who can actually contribute to the success of the country they are leaving. This is called brain draining.

Another lecture we attended was A Personal Experience on Teamwork during Disasters which was super interesting. Cristina talked about her experiences during an earthquake in Ecuador in 2016. It really highlighted how chaotic disasters can get and the need for organization between relief efforts.

Here is Cristina relaying her story

Another lecture focused on the topic of Population Genetics and the History of Human Migration. Some highlights were tracking how people move and population variation.

Another lecture we attended was Refugee HealthIt focused on what Jefferson does with refugee health and then watched a video which put us in perspective of what refugees go through.

Our last lecture of the day was Language Method for Brainstorming.  It was really cool because it helps us brainstorm our thought process for our topics. Basically you just have lists of synonyms and jumble them around until your idea is specific enough to work on.

This picture was taken before the revelation of our idea.

After the last lecture we had our breakout session and we talked about some of beginning ideas. We shared some our thought process and now we just need some time to brainstorm the scope of how we want to execute our idea. After meeting with the advisers we discussed our schedules and plan to work on our project tomorrow after the sessions.