Orior 3 day one

Nexus Maximus Orior team 3 day 1

For the first hour freshly made group got to know each other briefly. Our team for Nexus Maximus is consisting from 5 members. Four students from Jefferson University and one student from Aalto University, Finland. We were blessed to get people from different backgrounds and majors: Finance, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Architecture and Occupational Therapy.

Our team attended several workshops today highlighting several key points:

  • Assets Inventory
    • Importance of utilizing and combining team members’ learning styles and strengths to maximize learning
      • Visual, Kinesthetic, Auditory preferences
      • A strategy for one individual may not be the same for another

Teamwork: Collaborating on Multidisciplinary Teams:

  • Imagine possibilities, Create a solution, Do something with it
  • Time management
    • It’s always better to have a simple finished project rather than a complex incomplete one.

How Internet and Mobile Connectivity can Improve Refugee Well-Being and Transform Humanitarian Action:

  • Professor recommends focusing on specific country rather than larger region
  • Solutions have to be powerful, reliable, affordable, simple.
    • Groups tend to overcomplicate their solutions which ultimately backfires and takes away from the main idea.

From an Economics Perspective: Why Don’t They Fly

  • The problems have to be solved already in the problem countries rather than in the hosting countries.
  • Bureaucracy is the main thing why they do not fly but use the other transportation vehicles like boats.

Refugee Health

  • The average wait time, after processing and screening for people approved to be admitted to the US is about 2 years. Not even including the fact that many people from more volatile nations like Syria have an even longer screening and waiting process..
  • 99% of refugee created by the volatile situations in their country actually stay in their country and do not emigrate or move. Just traveling and relocating to different places in their country.

From this, we discussed how to communicate without internet and what might be the technical solutions and possibilities for that.

In the afternoon we were had a very interesting workshop which showed us how problems can only be solved through solving the internal conflicts  in their home countries because we don’t have the capability to emigrate all the people, present and future, to the Western countries

In our team we had very lively discussions about different kind of solutions to the big problems and also to the smaller ones. We recognised a few major problems that is the root of many others,: for example safety, poverty, lack of infrastructure and weak governments.