Novo Team 2 Day 1 Post

To start off our day we began by getting to know each other and the strengths of our teammates. We started brainstorming by looking at the different sections of the refugee process: before fleeing, fleeing, and settlement. We looked at each section and thought of the different issues and challenges that the refugees faced. This start gave us a base to start getting ideas flowing as we went through the different workshops of the day.

The first workshop with Jonathan Spindel was centered around working as a team. We learned different techniques about how to effectively work together throughout the weekend.

Each of us attended different workshops and then shared our key takeaways:

Human-Centered Design 

  • how to start with a large project and narrow it down to your main focus
  • effective ways to break down the problem you are dealing with

From an Economics Perspective: Why Don’t They Fly

  • Countries have many misconceptions and fears about taking in refugees that are not always true
  • In order to take on the issue of world poverty we need to help the poor in their own country
  • In the EU refugees must travel to a european country in order to declare refugee status in that country. This leads to illegal entrance through dangerous means

A Personal Experience on Teamwork during Disasters

  • Disasters can bring communities together and unite people towards a common goal
  • Communication during disaster is key to providing a timely response


After the workshops we met and discussed what we learned and how we could create solutions to some of the issues we heard. Once we had a few ideas we went to our read-out session and got feedback on which were the most promising.