Novo 10 – Day 1

We kickstarted our project by getting to know each other and understanding what our strengths and weaknesses are. We attended few workshops each to strengthen our competencies and return to the group to share our learnings from the workshops. In order to narrow the scope of the challenge, we first generated 40-50 ideas and list all of them as post-it notes on the board. We then placed them in categorizes to organize our thoughts and placed “heats” to identify what each group member perceived as an important / critical issue to tackle. This way, we were able to visualize how each individual prioritized what issues they felt were critical, and see what the general group consensus was regarding which area to focus on.

As we started to narrow the scope down and conceptualize what kind of service we wanted to build, we realized that we should come up with a long term objective that we could always relate back to. We decided to create a solution that could empower displaced populations by natural disasters to return to meaningful & functional lives through transitional support. We then mapped out who the relevant stakeholders were in this solution, and sketched how the entire ecosystem would look like.

We decided to sketch out a solution based on Software as a Service (SaaS) model that provides direct assistance to displaced persons by matching them with relevant home owners that can support with temporary habitation and transitional support. Through partnerships with relevant NGOs, government & third party providers (TPPs), the solution aims to be versatile and sustainable. Stay tuned for more….