Friday End of Day Post


Today we decided to focus on the issue of housing for those displaced by disaster. Specifically, we hoped to increase the comfort, privacy and protection of people who are forced into living situations in facilities like stadiums or other large facilities. For instance, recently Montreal opened it Olympic Stadium to Haitian, offering them cots and asylum. Although, this situation offers a level of safety and relief for refugees, the quality of life in these living situations is minimal. They lack privacy and a place to consider their own, which can make their situation even more psychologically stressful and difficult. Furthermore, in the instance of the Montreal stadium there is a roof over their heads, but in areas where there are open air stadiums, there is minimal protection from the elements along with this lack of privacy and comfort.

As such, we seek to create a portable and temporary form of housing for people who are living in these conditions. We plan to create something that is a portable, easy to use and durable enough to withstand everyday weather conditions, like wind, rain, and snow. As such, the housing we will design will likely be made from a material so that it is both sturdy and lightweight, and so that it can be rainproof. It will also be made to have a weighted base, so that wind cannot knock it down even though it will not be tied down. Lastly, it will also be collapsible so that it can be easily opened, closed, and transported. As such, this house could also be useful in the aftermath of natural disasters like earthquakes, where many are forced to sleep in tents like in most recent earthquake in equator.