Ductus 7- First day!

Our first day at Nexus Maximus was full of many ideas and new concepts. As a team we were able to collaborate and work together to develop a few proposals for the challenge on the innovation for refugees and displaced populations. Each of our team members were able to provide information they gathered from the various workshops throughout the day and retrieve it back to other members of their team. The information we gathered as a group was useful in creating our proposals. The main theme from all of the proposals we have developed reflects on the issue that refugees lack connectivity and the aspects that tag along with it, such as, access to internet and phones, wifi, electricity, and so on. Also on the idea of prevention of new refugees, and how we can help these people become prepared for natural disasters/ and or conflicts before they are forced to flee their countries. As we continue this process over the weekend, we hope to learn new useful information that we can use to better our proposal.

-Ductus Team 7