The Countdown Continues


We started our morning doing research on depression, health problems in office environments and the links between mental and physical health. We found that mental and physical health were linked, and that many health problems are caused by depression and that depression causes many health problems. Many of the causes of depression were found to exist in the office, and we were becoming more confident that we had the solution. Through solving many of the causes for depression in the office we would be able to create better work environments, drop health care costs and improve productivity.

After we were done with the research portion of our morning we quickly moved through naming our product, creating a logo and designing the product. Once done with that we started brainstorming on how to layout the board.


(picture of the brainstorming for our board)

There were some seminars on creating and laying out the boards. Luckily one of our team mates went and came back with some really wonderful ideas!


(notes from the board layout seminar)

Next, we started double checking schedules for the next 24 hours to make sure that everyone would be able to help in completing the project.

Afterwards, we had to start the process of researching materials, ergonomics, and current trends to make sure our product was being designed in a way to best help both us, the client and the user.

Our final meeting with the legion masters is in a little less than an hour and we are all really excited!