Orior5 Introduction and Updates!- TapTransit

We have been a bit remiss in our posting, but to catch you all up on our project:

Topic: We are working on a device and software to assist individuals who are handicapped or recently unable to utilize public or private transport in retaining their mobility. The population we are targeting are persons unable to operate their own vehicle or utilize public transportation but still desire to have independence in their movements in the community.

Solution: We are adapting the already available resources (Uber, Lyft, Paratransit, etc.) to target this population. We are designing a a novel, easily-operable handheld device with GPS functionality and developing design/program concepts. We will be utilizing skilled individuals (EMR certified) as drivers, who will be using a mobile application for their input.

Details about the device: The device will be smaller than a smart phone with buttons to request and cancel rides, a speaker for notifications about how far away the vehicle is (and ensuring that the user knows a ride has been requested), a screen to indicate how far away the driver is and a fare estimation.

Details about the process: We see this project taking shape in the following steps:

  1. The user fills out required information- name, address, billing info, emergency contact information, home and cell numbers (or a contact point) and any handicaps drivers would need to know
    1. The user will have the option to fill out frequent appointment locations and times (pre-reserving vehicles).
  2. When the user wants to make a movement, they will press a button to request a ride. The information will transmit out to the drivers available where a driver will be able to accept the ride (depending on the handicap-available vehicle).
  3. The Driver will then call the home/cell phone and obtain the destination information. The Driver will utilize their application to estimate fares and relay the information to the user. The user will have the option to reject the ride based on the fare estimation.
    1. This allow ensures that any accidental requests and charges do not occur
  4. The driver will then pick up the user and take them to their destination, offering assistance if necessary.

Details about the drivers: These individuals will be EMT/CPR certified and will be aware of the target client population.

We have drawings and more about this process! We will be uploading those later. Stay tuned!