Orior10 – Day 2


Kaitlyn Brown (brown5672@mail.philau.edu) – Law and Society

Jacqueline Bartolo (bartolo1540@mail.philau.edu) – Textile Materials Technologies

Seyoung Park (seyoung.art.park@protonmail.com) – Computer Science

Brandon Pun (pun5242@mail.philau.edu) – Architecture

Nicole Camara (camara8353@mail.philau.edu) – Architecture

Abhishek Shah (shah7634@mail.philau.edu) – Textile Materials Technology

Alexis Reyner (rayner7964@mail.philau.edu) – Occupational Therapy


Today we mostly discussed a few ideas before deciding on what we are actually going to do which is create a device to help increase the efficiency of the first response in the event of natural disasters. We spent most of the day ironing out all of the detail and the specific of our concept and researching the different aspects of the device. We then divided the work between all of us, for example, someone will be building a model house, another will be making a model app on an Iphone, someone is research material, legal research, etc.

We also went to several of the workshop to gather more information for our project:

Abhi went to the “Ergonomics in Healthcare “ workshop conducted by Katie MacDonald, and Li Hao. We found the workshop to be very interesting as they were connecting Architecture, and ergonomics to health care. The most interesting part of the workshop was medical furniture that handicapped people can use. Later, they asked us to do brainstorm of ideas, and to find a bad ergonomic, and things we can do to resolve the issue.

Jackie, Kaitlyn and Seyoung attend the Age Matters: Health Care for Children workshop in which we discussed the effects the effects the environment in which children are treated affect them. We talked about the different designs, both exterior and interior, that can improve improve and child’s experience.