Orior 4

Today, we all started to work and brainstorm ideas on what we needed to accomplish before the end of the day. We worked together to finalize our plan and assign specific roles. We created a shared google document to share our data and research but also a group chat to send pictures and drawings. I worked specifically on design and drawing the wearable device we wanted to create. I worked on the story that we wanted to follow along our design and also how it may look. Later finalizing tonight i came across a couple specific research points to guide my process in the right direction so we can have more finalized work. Bhuvana added very helpful sources in our google doc explaining wearable devices, samsung examples, and healthcare related problems. This research was helpful to read because of the large impact our design will be having with people in this industry. Gavin attended the workshops today in DEC and got more useful information along with guidelines for the scoring process for the rest of us. Taylor and Jayson also did some research in devices and the effect it could have to solve some healthcare issues that we have going on today.


Using the information and teamwork we have provided today, we hope to accomplish and finish most of the work by tomorrow night so Monday can go smoothly and organized!