Novo 2 Day 2

We started day 2 by selecting between two potential areas of focus. We were interested in both tracking your own health records and managing the eight hour workday better. After doing a white board analysis on what we could do, alleviating health issues related to work seemed like a more interesting and feasible issue to tackle. Further brainstorming sessions narrowed our scope, and we decided to think about how our concept could help with preventing depression in the workplace. The healthcare and ergonomics workshop inspired us tackle this issue with a chair concept that would encourage regular movement and sitting with a better posture.

As our concept idea became more clearly defined, we started to do some research on what the benefits of a concept like could be. Based on our initial findings, a re-imagined chair is needed because of the existing culture of insufficient active breaks and non-optimal sitting positions in the workplace. Meeting with the Legion leaders gave us some good points to consider as we continue to develop and refine our concept.

In addition to the ergonomics session, Nate Heasley’s lecture about incorporating collaboration tools, the sharing economy and social enterprise concepts in business solutions was very interesting. Companies like Uber and Airbnb are familiar to most people, but applying the principle of shared economy in smaller communities and focusing on making impact instead of profits is something that you might not intuitively think about.

Have a Novo day!