Innovo 6 Day 2

We settled on a topic yesterday (sanitation) so today our team met for several hours to discuss research we had individually done the previous night. We began to think about how we could morph our idea into a useful product and how it could be applied on a global scale. Once we agreed on a product, we spent time researching the market for this product and how this product would be developed. We struggled to think of ways sustainability might be incorporated into our design. Our team was able to attend several of the seminars today including the Collaborative Solutions and the Sharing Economy and Ergonomics in Healthcare. The Collaborative seminar presented information on the Sharing Economy and Community Time Banks. Time Bank is an extremely interesting concept that is already being applied to the healthcare industry; it is a way of exchanging services without traditional money. The Ergonomic seminar focused on taking objects and transforming them into more user friendly, efficient objects. None of the seminars were particularly relevant to our chosen topic, but still somewhat interesting. We also met with faculty to share our idea. We received feedback and a list of issues that we need to explore further in order to make our product viable.