Innovo 2 Day 2

Today was a very productive day. From yesterday’s work, we knew that we wanted to focus on educating children to be healthier. Our two ideas focused on children and allergies. The first idea was to come up with an education system for schools, in the form of a database about children’s allergies that teachers could access in order to help the children and make sure that their health needs were met. Another idea we had was to design a product or system for children in order to alert others that they had certain allergies. For example, a bracelet with a child’s allergies on it could be worn by them. A third idea we came up with today was to design an application or survey on a website that children could take, which would diagnose any problems the kids had and then offer solutions. From these three ideas we took the one major idea of educating children, to form our final solution. After talking to the professors, we decided to design a fun and interactive game, in order to educate children about health issues, such as allergies, feelings, or injuries. This game would be in the form of a mobile application, and would make learning about their own health and safety a fun and engaging activity. When starting the game, the child would be prompted to create their own avatar. Then the child would solve puzzles and complete quizzes about health at the end of each level, in order to move onto the next one.

Group Members: James Rockefeller, Sarah Nellis, Zachary Quain, Francesca DiPasquale, Emily LaVigna

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