Ductus Day 2

After meeting and discussing our overall concept of creating something that would monitor air quality, UV exposure, and Biometrics, we decided to figure out how our product could be further linked to human experience in the built environment.  We decided that our product would be divided up and implemented into three different forms; a wearable, a home hub system, and a rapidly deployed kiosk systems for areas that have experience an environmental disaster.  The overall goal is to provide a product that would benefit an individual’s personal health, while also creating a paperless solution for an individual’s medical records.

The Wearable – This product would be worn as a watch, necklace, or bracelet and would continuously monitor an individuals biometrics, while also monitoring the air quality and body temperature.  This product would also store an individual’s medical information regarding their illnesses, health insurance providers, and emergency contacts.  This product could be used to register yourself at a doctor’s office, a hospital, or a temporary medical unit in disaster areas.  This products primary job would be to map your everyday health, while also storing your own medical identity without having to carry around insurance cards or medical cards.  Each wearable would have its own unique scan code that would be read by a hub to reveal an individual’s medical history.

The Hub – This product’s primary job would be to hold all environmental mapping information and any individual’s medical identity.  They would be found primarily in an individual’s home, a doctor’s office, or a hospital.  Each of these products would have a scanning mechanism that would read the individual codes the wearable products.  They would help individual’s map their everyday health, while also helping doctor’s, nurses, and other medical staff identify an individual’s medical information to keep on file.

The Kiosk – This product would be used primarily in situations that would require rapid deployment in order to identify larger groups of wounded or hurt individuals.  Like the hub, this product would allow medical staffers to scan various wearable’s that would reveal an individual’s medical history to provide the most effective care.  When disasters strike, identifying larger groups of people is one of the most difficult tasks and it takes the most time, so this product would help aid in that progress.  This product would also provide a huge service of reading air quality in these areas in order to provide an assessment of whether or not the area is safe after a disaster.