Ductus 2 Day 2

Captain’s Log: Day 2

We are halfway through Nexus Maximus, which also means that we are officially in full swing. Question after question that miraculously need to be answered has left us weary, but we have a plan. It can work or it may not, be we are hopeful. We have the problem; we have a potential solution. It is just the area in between that has become sort of gray. The consistent workshops help guide us in discussions, as do the faculty check-in’s. We started with looking at our stakeholders, but I do not think we pictured that many people being involved. Finding the group(s) to focus primarily on seams to lead to more webs that need to unravel. Eventually, we moved on, as we can only take so many headaches in one day. We looked at the “problem areas”, user information, and what seemed like a million other things. We also started to design not only the product, but also the presentation. 36×36 doesn’t seem that bad, but getting all the information we need onto the board is going to be harder than we may actually think. It is a good thing we have tomorrow for that and many more questions that are still left a bit unanswered. That is probably because every time we answer one question, we create three more. It is a vicious cycle. For the most part though, we seem to be on track and making good progress, so it is time to get ready for a new day with a good night’s rest (hopefully). 


Collaborative Solutions and the Sharing Economy (Goodnik):

  • Sharing economy is about finding underrealized or underutilized area and connect to a group of potential people that will use that resource
  • Social enterprise- a business who has a focus of their business as a positive social impact; i.e. protecting the environment, providing shoes to those in need, employing those otherwise unemployable (crazy bakery)