Day 2: Innovo 8

Day 2 for Innovo 8 was still coming up with ideas and going to workshops, but it was also a day that brought us a better problem and a possible solution. Before we get into that, here are the workshops we went to today:

Age Matters: Healthcare Design for Children:

  • Children’s healthcare can and must be catered to both the children and their families.
  • Something that can help reduce anxiety and stress in children is bringing in pets.

Integral Sustainability

  • 97% of all scientists agree that global warming is caused by humans.
  • Tiny revolutions are little things you do everyday that contribute to sustainability. Empathetic consciousness and small everyday acts of kindness means that our culture can change.

Essential Market Research Tools

  • You need to find the persona or demographic that you need to address.
  • Find statistics to show that demographic has a good amount of people to show that there is a market out there. 

Collaborative Solutions and the Sharing Economy

  • Social enterprise is a business whose main goal is a positive social impact.
  • A problem with sharing economy is that it uses money.

Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, our problem: people who take a lot of medication often forget the names and exact dosages and times when they need to take them, which causes an issue when they go to their physician. Many people often have issues talking about what health problems they have and may forget their exact medical history. For physicians and those in emergency rooms, this means that they will not have the information they need when treating a patient.

Our solution lies in something small: a chip. This chip can be attached to any wearable that is constantly on your body: jewelry you wear everyday, a medical bracelet, a pair of shoes you always wear. This chip contains all of the medical information you put on it, entered in on a computer. This can be any medications you take, any health problems you may have, and emergency contacts.

We’re very excited to continue developing and refining this idea tomorrow! Enjoy these pictures from our day:


img_7584img_7586 img_7585 img_7592 img_7590