Collaboratus 5 Day 1

Today was our first day with nexusmaximus, my team and I introduced our self to each other then we exchanged our Email addresses and phone numbers. We scammed the list that has topics options, and we were interested in topics that related to technology, disaster preparedness, and built environment. Then we divided the topic that we were interested to do our research separately. Each one of us had to look up via internet about possible health issues related to her topic. We spent around 3 hours doing the necessary research, after that we gathered in DEC to discuss our information we gathered.
We get really interested in fetal diseases, such as Zikka virus and how we can eliminate it. One of the ideas was to innovate a wearable fabric based on ultra waves systems that can keeps mesquites away from human body. However, we found this topic need a lot of research since we do not have enough information about fabric technology.
We talked about disasters, such as flood and how it is related to human health. Number of cities facing flood these days and their health affected negatively. Drinking contaminated water after flood could be a really fatal issue. Nevertheless, solving this problem could lead to different directions.
At the end, we came up with a solution that could solve number of health problems that social media could cause them, depression, addiction, obesity, and lack of energy, all these problems could be results from sitting down and waste our precious time in social media.
Are you excited to know about our solution? Ok, do not miss tomorrow’s blog to know more about our idea.

Nicole Liantonio, Environmental Sustainability

Gauri Kirve, Science in Information System

Elizabeth Hassler, Interior Design

Khawlah Tarim, Interior Design ( Bridge Pathways)

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