Collaboratus 2 Day 2

The second day at Nexus Maximus the group started presenting the our home research, we found that we wanted to make a product or service that could benefit people who did not have access to healthcare plans. The main frase of the day was “Leveling the playing field” in terms of personal health. Hereby we had a target demographic, a large one, but gave us an area for our solution. After we had defined our consumer, people with no or little access to the healthcare system, we started to further develop ideas and find problems we could solve. We found that a healthcare tjek is something that could benefit personal health, and akt preventive. The problem was getting people to take the health care tjek. Here we explored ideas involving community engagement, love, fear and lack of accessibility. We found that it was bringing the hospital to the people and not the people to the hospital was the direction we wanted to go. After another brainstorming session, we came of with the concept of a Do it yourself healthcare tjek. We wanted to give people the possibility to make a healthcare tjek in the comfort of their own home, and get the data analysed by a professional. In the afternoon we met with the teachers to present our ideas, here we got some points to move foreward, including; who funds the test, who gets the test, and considering our language and which communities we wanted to reach. Tomorrow we win meet and further evolve our ideas and maybe expand on the system that we are creating.

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