Innovo 1: Day 2

For our second day, our group narrowed down our three suggestions from yesterday to one final idea. We met together in the morning to discuss the research that we had done for each issue the day before and decided that the issue that had the most information to create a product was the problem that going to the hospital to see a physician is not very time-efficient. We chose to minimize the waiting time of patients before seeing the physician by creating an idea for a tangible product. We chose to target especially geriatric patients, who may need to visit multiple physicians of different specializations in a day. By implementing the product into hospitals, patients will be able to be treated quicker and physicians will be able to increase their availability to other patients. At 4:30 pm, our group prepared to give a summary of our problem and idea. For the feedback that we had received, the judges said that our idea was interesting, beneficial, and technologically possible, but we were asked, “Even though the present technology can handle this innovation, why haven’t this idea been done before?” With the question in mind, each of the members of our group are to figure out what other boundaries are present when generating a product that is marketed to a wide variety of people, continue researching about how to appeal to the older generation, start brainstorming ideas for our logo and company name, and create several sketches of our product design.unnamed 20160910_115557_1473550114290 20160910_120053_1473550114698 20160910_120100_1473550114822 screen-shot-2016-09-10-at-7-32-04-pm