Friday Blog Post Creo 3

To begin with our brainstorming, we started talking mostly about obesity; however, after our consult today we began to think more in terms of the deeper problem; healthy living in the United States. We were talking about how there is a correlation between poverty and obesity. We were talking about how this is a huge problem in third world countries, because they have some of the highest obesity rates. One of our ideas was to create a sort of reward system, where after reaching certain health goals they would receive some sort of coupon for healthy foods. This idea would then encourage a healthier lifestyle. After coming up with this idea, we decided it would be a good idea to have this sort of rewards system in the United States, especially since we have more grocery stores and opportunity for this sort of rewards system.

Also, from some our workshops, we began to develop other ideas. One of the ideas is a wearable device that monitors someone’s levels of a specific thing like cholesterol or glucose for diabetics. We were also thinking about how cell phones make you hunched over, so we could design some sort of thing you can hold to keep the phone at shoulder level. The other idea we had was a device that would measure brain activity in a person who has had a stroke before and might be at risk of having a stroke again. This way a healthcare emergency responder could get a notification that someone is in need just in case.

Tomorrow, we would really like to narrow down our ideas and pick one that we think could have more potential for innovation.


Carolyn Peper- (FMM Junior)

Tabitha Porter- (graphic design  Junior)

Chris (sophomore health science)

Younte Le- ( grad student management and international business)

Conor Hanson- (Interior design sophomore)

Winter- (freshman, accounting)

aziz alturkestani- (freshman engineering)