Ductus3 Saturday Blog

Our day started with gaining a new member to the team, Jillian Smith, which helped in the ideation process. We decided to meet early in the morning to discuss any more ideas we came up with or research we did the night before. Friday night we had a rough idea for doing something around the idea of accessibility or doctors and data records, but we were not completely sure where we wanted to go from there so we all did a bit of research Friday night to try to focus our idea some more. From there we discussed how a real problem in the health industry is making appointments and how slow that process can be.


We all found that the appointment process can be tricky and complicated especially if it is a new doctors office. As we talked more about it we found a new pain point in this is the paperwork needed filling out each time. From here we talked about how we could create a function in our app/website whatever it is, to save our medical data and history and put it in a network so any doctor can access it. Having your medical data accessible to whatever doctor you go to would save a lot of time and would help in the data collection aspect of the healthcare industry. When we pitched all of this to the faculty advisors, they gave us a lot of insightful feedback and, I think, directed us in the right direction for the rest of this project.


One of the workshops we attending was all about sustainability and how our climate and earth are changing. The speaker talked a lot about what it really means to be sustainable and what green design was which were both interesting to think about for the design of our project.
Another workshop was about the importance of mental health and how our society vastly ignores and the mental aspect of our health when in reality, mental health is such a huge part of our lives.

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