Day 1: Innovo 1

For our first day, there were three issues that our group, Innovo 1, chose to focus on after brainstorming a list of ideas. One problem that many people face when going to the hospital is the long wait time before seeing the physician. For a potential solution, we discussed how it is possible to integrate kiosks into hospitals so that patients are able to input their personal information, such as medical history, allergies, or insurance, much quicker and allows the physicians and nurses to be more available to more patients. Our second issue is the presence of traumatized patients in hospitals and a way to be able to closely track the health of these patients is to integrate therapy dogs in hospitals. Designing a vest for the therapy dogs to wear can alert physicians when it detects a physiological abnormality. . The service dog can also be trained in assisting patients with tasks that usually nurses would have to perform such as helping patients to walk, turning off light switches, or picking up objects. Finally, our third problem is that often people see the therapists for joint mobility issues that can be measured at home to save time. By creating a brace that the patient can attach around his/her joint, the patient can measure its mobility while also provides information that can give therapists an estimate to see if the patient is making improvements. At the end of day 1, each member of the group was assigned one of the three issues to thoroughly research about and share at the start of day 2 so that we can narrow our list to one or two ideas.

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