Day 1: Creo 6

After some technical difficulties with logging in, we are finally able to write our first blog post!!!

The first day was an interesting one for Creo 6, as we discovered that even though we all attend PhilaU, we study a wide range of majors and come from all over the world.  We brainstormed quite a few ideas, some of which were vastly different from each other, ran with each one until we hit a roadblock, then went back to the drawing board.  This is a process that some of our group members are extremely familiar with from our design courses and we were glad that the others were able to equally participate in brainstorming.

At one point, we discussed the possibility of creating wearable devices to measure vitals and other body functions.  A couple of us attended the talk about Telehealth and learned that there are actually full body suits that can measure essentially everything through electrodes and sensors in the fabric.  While this was very interesting, we elected to go a different route with our project because it was difficult to think of a product that had not already been invented.  At this point, we switched gears back to one of our original ideas: combating obesity by instilling healthy habits in children and adolescents in the form of hands-on farm to table meals.  We discussed the possibility of implementing programs into schools, which is when we made the realization that it would be more difficult for children in the inner cities, such as Philadelphia, to get access to the amount of green space necessary for this project to be a success.  There is always the possibility of installing a green roof, but this is typically very expensive and schools that are already struggling financially would not be able to afford it. .  Our goal is to design a product or system to provide a cheaper alternative for fresh food growth in Center City Philadelphia and similar areas across the country.

Please enjoy this picture of Marc and I eating chips after speaking with our advisers.img_3092