Innovo 6 Day 1 9/9/2016

Today was the beginning of Nexus Maximus. To build a strong foundation for our group, we spent some time getting to know each other and our backgrounds. . We have a variety of disciplines, including Architecture, Graduate Interior Architecture, Marketing, International Business, Engineering, and Graduate Occupational Therapy. We discussed several different issues with healthcare but we realized that it is a very broad topic and can be taken many different ways. One lecture was about interior design for healthcare buildings and telemedicine. Another lecture was about working with people from different disciplines, how to make an efficient team, and to always have a backup plan. These lectures furthered our knowledge and discussion about the issues and possible solutions in healthcare. We decided to focus on a personal level with sanitation. In today’s age, many people are getting and immediately going to the hospital, but if there is a way to prevent that, it would lower healthcare costs, prevent spread of illness, and overcrowding in hospitals. Our next steps are to research possible solutions to reduce illness via sanitation and the spread of it. We are thinking of focusing on little things in public bathrooms that would prevent the spreading of bacteria, an element found not only in healthcare buildings but in any public building.