Daily Team Blog


It has been a great start for the 2016 Nexus Maximus. Teams have been created from students of a myriad of backgrounds, majors, and interests. Each has a reason (or few) to participate, ranging from curiosity to requirement by a professor. Either way, the Nexus Maximus kickoff in the gym was pleasant and informative, leading into an Innovo team icebreaker and directions. Afterwards, the students broke off into teams afterwards to begin their daily task. We scattered to our own meeting spots and began discussing problems to solve.

We arrived at three general problems: sleep, obesity, and waiting times in hospitals. Many people have trouble either getting to sleep or feeling rested in the morning, so we we able to identify lack of quality sleep as a solvable problem. In between and during our sleeptalk, we discussed problems ranging from psychopathic empathy drug supplements to pollution to patient-doctor relationships and more. We had many topics to choose from, but finally pinpointed problems so far reaching and critical that we could not ignore them. Obesity is one of the worst health issues in the United States, and has spread to other first world countries as well. We began contrasting America to Japan and the differences in diet and living style, but remembered that we were looking for problems, so…we decided on a last topic to tackle: hospital waiting times. We’ve all gone to the doctor’s office or the ER and been asked to wait, and wait, and wait. There’s something wrong in the system, and it would take a take of young, innovation minded, driven, smart college students to figure it out. Now that we have a few problems to solve, next comes the research! Oh boy!


Elias (innovation in the healthcare space) 1.The presenter had us interacting with each other to break the ice and open us up to conversation. 2. I know now that some medical professionals see their own industry as fractured, and also that they want people to fix it. That’s us! (in a few years, maybe)

Trevor (textiles materials and occupational therapy)  1.  Presenter talked about different objects and techniques were used to apply in the occupational therapy world.  They also talked about Phase changing materials, which is a gel that changes from solid to liquid.  Interesting…

Kimberly(Do On-line Tools Empower People to Quit Smoking) 1.There was not just a professional presenting but also multiple students which made me relate more. 2.Each individual presentation within the presentation worked with individual clients which made the statistics very accurate and very interesting.