Collaboratus 4 day 1

Our first day of Nexus Maximus consisted of getting to know each other and how we got involved with the program.  Then, we sat and broke down the schedule for this week. We took time to look over the list of topics that explore issues with personal health. After examining the list, our decision was for each member to pick their top three, then the one with the most votes was decided to be focused on.  Social media was our most voted topic for personal health.

After choosing our topic, we all took time to look over each of the workshops for the day, and read over what each consisted of. Since social media was most popular, we picked the workshops to attend by deciding which would be most beneficial and informational for our chosen area.  Starting at 12:00, we split up and attended various workshops.

At 4:00, three of us that were available to meet, decided to brainstorm problems stemming from not only social media, but also other areas.  The method used to brainstorm, was setting a timer for three minutes then coming up with at least five problems each.  As soon as those three minutes ended, we discussed then tried again coming up with even better ideas. .  A voting system was used to decide what problems worked best.  After finding our two top problems, solutions were needed for both, the same brainstorming method as before was used.  Both proposals were presented to faculty members and we received some great feedback.