Collaboratus 10 Day 2

Today we started with the idea of developing social media strategy but we quickly hit a wall with that because social media is not an aspect of a company that you can create a product to resolve it. This led us to the idea of Electronic Health Record and Data Collection. The problem with EHR (Electronic Health Records) are that they take up too much of the doctor’s time so that the patients feel as if they are not giving them 100% of attention, it consumes money, and if the doctor likes to handwrite the notes then another person has to read them and then transfer them so it is one more person that knows the health issues which could affect the privacy. We are planning on creating an app that is an extension of the EHR that would able doctors to narrate the notes directly so that they can save time with the patients, money with the extra employee that transfers notes, and more security in terms of the patient’s health issues. The ideal environment for this would be in a appointment with the doctor in which the patient would not feel as if he/she is the second priority instead of the first, after the computer. The app will also include different types of forms for the different specialties of doctors so that will accelerate the process of dictation. Essentially, this would be a shortcut so that each doctor has the information organized and ready to go.

Tomorrow we intend to create a board detailing our application and how it will solve existing problems with interactions in health offices, as well as refine how our program would work in general. We will be working on the board, this includes the information, details, statistics, as well as digital and layout. We plan on having it done by the time that the advisors can see us so that we can make adjustments and changes to complete our idea.

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