Collab 4 Day 2

Today the team came together this morning and split off to go to the workshops in an attempt to draw useful information and ideas to use for the enhancement of our project. We didn’t have as much success as yesterday but we did retain some valuable information in the form of techniques to use when dealing with the marketing aspect of our product. When we came back together around lunch and discussed the usefulness of the information we all received from our workshops and tried to find an application. Unfortunately, again we didn’t really hear anything relevant. So we moved on to remember the feedback we received yesterday and we used that to make adjustments on our idea and we came up with a model after reanalyzing our problem. We then decided to try and collect our own data by traveling to a local pharmacy and ask questions relevant to our solution. Once again, we didn’t receive any information that would help us so we went back and re-evaluated our problem to make it more focused. Then we created blueprints for our prototype which then led to us making it small more condensed. We then created what we collectively agreed on as a good demographic to target and then specified how we make our product appeal to them. We got our ideas on paper and then presented it to our faculty for feedback. The feedback was great today because it helped us realize who our actual target market is and now we can re-design our product and work on finalizing our presentation for Monday.