Cero 4: Day 1


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In the morning, after the opening ceremony, we got together with our group number. Then we started out by getting together and collecting each other’s information for when we need to contact each other. Then we moved to our base camp to figure out who would go to the seminars this afternoon.  We assigned the seminars by interest and majors.

After assigning the seminars, we started to think and create ideas for this project. We had a bit of trouble thinking of products/ideas, so we went in a interesting direction and thought of problems we could solve. We wrote down different healthcare issues until we parted to go to the seminars.

The first seminars were Genetics and Healthcare: an overview and Evidence based design in the healthcare setting, patient empowerment, medicine & patient information. They were both at twelve o’clock. All of the seminars were related to this years theme: Personal Health: Innovation, Data, and Empowerment.

Our group went to the following other seminars: Where Design + Tech Meet Medicine to Empower People, Public Health Issues: Do On-line Tools Empower People to Quit Smoking, Personal Health in a Changing Climate, Language Method for Brainstorming: Info Urgency, Who does your solution leave out?, Hospital to Home Telemedicine Therapy Sessions, and finally, Enviroment and Psyche

The seminars went on until four o’clock. Then we came together as a group again and thought about our project. At around five we got dinner and at six we talked to our faculty members and quickly presented and proposed our idea. Then we got back together and deeply thought about our plan and used the faulty word’s to further improve it. Then we split up and are getting back together tomorrow morning.