Orior 3 Day 1

Our group, Orior 3, met this morning after the launch of Nexus Maximus. We originally had an idea of having a wall garden within hospitals, since people find hospitals dull and depressing due to the lighting and environment they are in. We later came up with another problem of people who are on certain medications that give them unpleasant side effects, and want to either change medications to something cheaper, or an alternative that wouldn’t give them as bad of side effects. Whether that alternative may be holistic or not, they would need some sort of resource that gave them the information on how to find an alternative or reason behind their side effects. We talked to Todd Corlett and he was in favor of our idea. He thought that having a source that compared someone’s side effects to a certain medication to someone elses was a good and helpful idea.
The best thing about the Collaborating on Multidisciplinary Teams workshop was the structure: Instead of just having a lecture we first worked on a team assignment, then briefly thought about how to do it better and then did it again. The Quit Smoking workshop showed that there’s a lot of different ways to quit and how well they work. The interesting thing about the Microbiome workshop was that we have way more microbe cells than human cells and that they play a big role in our health.

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