Orior 1 Day 1

The members of our group are Anna Kipp, Tania Garcia, Elena Krupicka, Anna Nicola, and Luke Yeagle. When we first met up, we exchanged contact information and divided up the sessions that we would each go to over the course of the day. During the day, the different members of our group attended 5 different sessions to get a broad idea of major health issues that the world faces right now. A couple of different issues that we learned about at the sessions were the effect of climate change on health, such as with CO2 emissions leading to asthma. Another issue was with people from rural areas not having access to tele-health resources. Then we reviewed the scenarios and project brief before brainstorming possible ideas. One of the areas that we thought deserved focus was the lack of communication between different health professionals and their patients. An approach we thought of is creating a way for patients to communicate more directly with health professionals outside of doctors offices. We are gathering a lot of our information from personal experience with health professionals, and the problems that we have faced when dealing with said professionals. We plan on meeting up again tomorrow to finalize an idea and begin working on our presentation for Monday.20160909_154100 20160909_150653 20160909_14374220160909_104338 20160909_154110