Friday Team Blog

imageThroughout our day, going through all of the different workshops, collaborating, and discussing, we have found many problems around the healthcare system that we are interested in researching further. A big problem we all noticed throughout the day was the accessibility of medical documents and really, the accessibility of doctors and healthcare professionals. Most of us have shared experiences of long wait times and difficulty getting in contact with the doctors. This is a massive problem in the health field because if you are sick and want to see a doctor, sometimes the office might not have an appointment available for months. For example one of our members tried to reschedule a simple checkup at the doctor’s office but there was not an available appointment for three months. This can be a huge hassle for the patient but going off of that is the unavailability of the doctors. Most of the times, when someone calls the doctor’s office, they never really talk to the doctor they talk to nurses or secretaries and then those people communicate that information to the doctors. Being able to actually talk to the doctor would help the patients. So, some of the main problems our group was focused on was the accessibility of the doctors and also medical documents. Transferring to one doctor from another or seeing a certain specialist can be a big hassle because the new office does not have any of your medical information so you have to fill out all of the same information and medical history each time you see a new doctor.


One of the workshops we went to was about textiles and OT and really some of their main points were how people want to feel like they can participate in society and they want to feel independent.

Another workshop was about climate change and its effects on personal health, which was extremely interesting and something we hadn’t thought about before.