Day one

Jacqueline participated in a workshop, “Evidence based design in the healthcare setting, patient empowerment, telemedicine & patient information”. She thought it was interesting how they talked about making contact between patient and doctor more comfortable.They talked about getting chairs in the patient rooms instead of exam tables. Another point that was made that was very interesting was the idea of who pays for an appointment with a doctor that is held over webcam.

Seyoung participated in, “Innovation in the Healthcare Space”. He found health record digitization very important and necessary from his personal experience. He is originally from Korea, studies in Finland and travel around the world a lot and he finds it very frustrating that his medical record is scattered around the globe. The Finnish government has been working on the national digital medical database system, Kanta(, for many years with large budget but the project is still incomplete and many stakeholders are pessimistic about it. In the U.S. ObamaCare has an agenda about digital database system but the agenda is controversial.

Abhishek went to the lecture “Textile Materials and Occupational Therapy: What is the Link to Personal Health”. Professor Janet Brady, and Wendy Krupnick conducted the lecture. He found the lecture to be very interesting as the two professors connected textiles and occupational therapy by giving mind-boggling examples. Major focus was on the Data, Empowerment, and participation. The idea put forward in the lecture was “Greater quality of life”. The biggest and the most impressive tip given to us was look at the end use of the product, and then think about the different possibilities.


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